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NAPCORE Core Alignment Team meets in Vienna


The NAPCORE Core Alignment Team members met in Wien on 6th and 7th March, hosted by AustriaTech.

NAPCORE Activity leaders convened for a two-day meeting in Vienna for a were involved in a dynamic discussion on different topics, both technical and strategic. This in-person meeting enabled the team to have in-depth discussions about the project and align activities, including laying out the first details of planning this autumn's Mobility Data Days conference, which will be held 7-9 November this year in Budapest.

NAPCORE is an EU-funded project aiming to advance data sharing practices in Europe. There are more than 30 operational National Access Points (NAPs), where mobility-related data is published, in EU Member States and beyond. However, with significant variability in how each NAP is set up and processes data, harmonisation is needed to improve interoperability and exchange. For information on NAPCORE's work toward this goal, check out the project website and LinkedIn.

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