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LOW-CARB launching first innovative pilots in Krakow, Skawina and Leipzig


In the context of the LOW-CARB project, three pilots were launched in the beginning of December. The diverse pilots will be our leading examples of how to integrate low-carbon mobility plans in urban areas.

These are our first pilots:
The city of Krakow, Poland, has launched an e-bike fleet aiming to offer a solution to urban dwellers in car-restricted city centres. Even though the restriction of cars in the city already led to improvements of air-quality and safety for pedestrians, delivery services got restricted as they could only be conducted by foot during the day. Enabling small deliveries during the day while staying on the path towards sustainability, the new e-bikes show a promising solution. As the e-bikes can be booked via a smartphone app, delivery companies are able to streamline their routing processes and customers can now receive their packages in a much more convenient way. In Skawina, Poland, a low emission bus line has been opened to transport citizens throughout the city. The line connects main traffic points in the city centre with other main destinations such as the main station, the main market, sports facilities, public buildings and services, cemeteries et cetera. With intervals of 20 minutes on working days and 40 minutes on the weekend and being free of charge for all passengers, we hope that this will be a success on all levels. Over the duration of the pilot, usage and impacts on CO2  levels will be measured to build a basis for potential future bus lines. In Leipzig, Germany, an “accessibility map” took off encouraging the working population to shift their commuting transport mode from single-occupant car use towards sustainable alternatives. The map provides information about multimodal travelling options including public transport. In discussions with around 120 representatives from local businesses as well as key political stakeholders, the map was discussed – showing that economic players and public transport providers need to join forces when it comes to improving a region’s mobility infrastructure. Have a look at the tool yourself by clicking on this <link https: mdv projekte eu-projekt-low-carb reachie external-link-new-window external link in new>link.

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Low-emission bus line in Skawina, Poland