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LOW-CARB: Internal Workshop on measure package evaluation in Leipzig


On August 20th 2019 LOW-CARB partners LVB (lead partner), MDV and the City of Leipzig as well as the associated partners ZVLN, IVAS and Rupprecht Consult meet in Leipzig to discuss measures on low carbon mobility, developed for the Citys FUA.

The focus was especially on Leipzigs northern industrial areas. Those are of interest due to a dynamic development in the last years with several major manufactories build (automobile industry and logistics) as well as ongoing plans of expansion which will create thousands of new jobs in the upcoming years. To tackle an increase of traffic, a vision for the pilot area was created that promotes an increase of low-carbon mobility modes especially in PT, cycling and walking. After a short introduction, the results of a mobility study including new demands and scenarios of the development of transportation in several areas in this pilot area were presented. Afterwards the measures to increase public transport, cycling as well as inter- and multimodal services in the pilot area were presented and discussed. Finally, the measures have been prioritized by sticking green, yellow or red dots on a poster, showing the importance and urgency of every measure from their point of view. This workshop was a first step in a wide stakeholder engagement process. Following this approach, on the way to a “Masterplan Mobilität Nordraum”, neighboring communities, service providers, other departments of the municipality of Leipzig as well enterprises located in the “Nordraum” industrial area will now be addressed to get involved in the development of new mobility services.

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LOW-CARB Workshop in Leipzig