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Launching the last e-course of the SUMP learning programme for Latin America


We're launching the last e-course of the SUMP learning programme for Latin America today. Despite of the course taking place online, we will reach high levels of interactivity with discussion forums and webinars and are looking forward to many enthusiastic participants!

Since November 2019, the EU-funded EUROCLIMA+ programme has provided the SUMP Learning Programme for Latin America, to equip local authorities with the necessary technical capacities for the development and implementation of SUMPs (Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans). To this day, more than 70 authorities in 23 cities in Latin America actively participate in the EUROCLIMA+ learning programme on SUMPs. Many Latin American cities are starting to develop SUMPs to improve urban mobility and meet the people's needs in and around cities with equity, better levels of accessibility and quality of life.We have been developing and implementing this learning programme as an innovative example that builds on the essence of SUMP and contextualizes its contents to the region features by providing appropriate tools, examples and best practices. It combines different formats between learning courses and online seminars, face-to-face workshops and regional training.The learning programme is divided into 4 e-courses, each focusing on a phase of the SUMP cycle. The last e-course focuses on the fourth phase, Implementation & Monitoring. Similarly to previous e-courses, it was integrated into three modules, a discussion forum, and a SUMP library with resources and documents, as well as a section for virtual seminars and video recordings. Current topics will also be included, such as the impact of the covid-19 crisis and how to plan for more robust and resilient urban mobility. This will include international examples and best practices.If you are interested to learn more about the programme, view the recording of our kick-off webinar <link https: external-link-new-window external link in new>here. 

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Main page of e-course
Main page of e-course