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Latin American cities learn and share knowledge on SUMP


More than 70 authorities in 23 cities in Latin America actively participate in the EUROCLIMA+ learning programme on SUMPs. The learning programme aims to provide local authorities the necessary technical capacities for the development and implementation of SUMPs in their local contexts.

Many Latin American cities are starting to develop Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) to improve urban mobility and meet the people´s needs in and around cities with equity, better levels of accessibility and quality of life.
SUMP is still a novel concept in Latin America and technical capacities in the field are quite limited. Therefore, since November 2019 the EU-funded EUROCLIMA+ programme has launched the SUMP Learning Programme for Latin America, to provide local authorities with the necessary technical capacities for the development and implementation of SUMPs.
Rupprecht Consult is developing and implementing this learning programme as an innovative example that builds on the essence of SUMP and contextualizes its contents to the region features by providing appropriate tools, examples and best practices. It combines different formats between learning courses and online seminars, face-to-face workshops and regional training.
Participants have given highly positive feedback to the learning programme and many of them have already been applying what they have learned in their respective cities:
"In Antofagasta Chile, we are developing the first Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan and committed to accompanying its replication in a second city; therefore, the contents of the course, webinars and forums are of very high interest to our technical team" Representative from Antofagasta, Chile.
"We are in the process of updating the Sustainable Mobility Plan in the Municipality of Cuenca, and these steps have helped us to adjust the path taken and to get a better product" as a representative from Cuenca, Ecuador describes.
To date, the first 2 courses of 4 have been carried out. Next courses will address current topics such as the impact of COVID-19 on the development of SUMPs in the region. Other platforms such as the MobiliseYourCity Latin America platform is being used to maintain exchange among participants even after the programme has ended.
In 2021 we will launch a new SUMP learning programme for Latin America to train trainers throughout the region and multiply knowledge in further cities.

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Closing webinar of E-course 2 on 27 May 2020