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Forging a Sustainable Urban Mobility Vision for Surabaya and GKS+ Region


Spearheading a collaborative Vision & Goals Workshop, we united key stakeholders, including dignitaries, to define a long-term vision for urban mobility in the GKS+ region.

In the context of the SUMP Surabaya project, we had the privilege of jointly spearheading a Vision and Goals Workshop for the SUMP on June 5, 2023. This event was a collaborative effort in close partnership with our esteemed associate, EGIS. Together, we brought key stakeholders to the table, uniting representatives from the transportation and planning authorities of all GKS+ municipalities, along with prominent dignitaries, including the Vice-Governor and the Head of the Planning Agency of East Java Province.


The primary aim of the workshop was to collectively define a long-term vision for urban mobility in the GKS+ region, grounding it in a comprehensive diagnosis of existing mobility challenges and opportunities. Our partners at EGIS thoughtfully presented the data, and we anchored our discussions in the vision and mission statements from the regional spatial plans (RTRW) and the regional medium-term development plans (RPJMD) of each municipality. This approach ensured our discussions were deeply rooted in the regional aspirations.


Our colleague Katy Huaylla, working in close partnership with EGIS, skilfully guided the participants through dynamic and interactive exercises. These activities were designed to identify key development priorities using a rich tapestry of keywords and themes. The outcome was a clear and shared vision for the long-term future of urban mobility, built upon our common interests and priorities.


This workshop marked a significant milestone in the SUMP process, signifying the commencement of the second phase, which is focused on establishing priorities and targets for various mobility scenarios. It underscored the pivotal importance of a collective regional vision, highlighting the profound impact of participation and collaboration among all stakeholders involved.


We are currently entering the measure planning phase in the development of the SUMP, and we invite you to stay tuned for further updates on this remarkable journey toward sustainable urban mobility in Surabaya and the GKS+ region.

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