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First Mission in Surabaya (Indonesia) to develop its SUMP


Back in January, Rupprecht Consult and EGIS have completed two workshops focused on data collection and paratransit as part of the SUMP Surabaya project, which aims to address the challenges of urban mobility in Indonesia's second-largest city. The workshops mark an important milestone in the project and demonstrate the strong collaboration between the partners.

Rupprecht Consult has successfully completed its first on-site mission in Surabaya in January 2023 since the beginning of the SUMP Surabaya project in September 2022. The project aims to develop a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) for the Metropolitan area of Surabaya, Indonesia, which host a population of almost 10 Million people. This will be the second complete SUMP that Rupprecht Consult develops in a Metropolitan area from beginning to end.

Surabaya is the second-largest city in Indonesia. The city is facing significant challenges related to urban mobility, including high levels of congestion, air pollution, and limited access to sustainable transport options, including public transport and cycling. The SUMP Surabaya project aims to address these challenges by developing a SUMP for the metropolitan area of the city to promote the development of public transport and the use of more sustainable modes. The project is a collaboration between EGIS Group (project coordinator), Deutsche Bahn Consulting and Rupprecht Consult.

As part of the project, Rupprecht Consult and EGIS held two workshops in January focused on important topics related to the planning process. The first workshop, developed by EGIS, was a training session on data collection, which addressed the challenges of collecting and assembling transport-related data in Surabaya. The second workshop, developed by Rupprecht Consult, focused on the current and future use of paratransit services in the city, including motorcycle and bus paratransit. Rupprecht Consult supported EGIS in the elaboration of two workshops by contributing the elaboration of interactive sessions to enhance the engagement and participation of local stakeholders.

The successful completion of these two workshops marks an important milestone in the SUMP Surabaya project and demonstrates a first step in setting up a strong collaboration between Rupprecht Consult and EGIS in this exciting project.

More information about the project can be found on the Rupprecht Consult website.

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