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First data tasting workshop with the City of Aachen


On wednesday last week we held our first data tasting workshop with the City of Aachen, led by Max Haberstroh, in which we explored what available data could be used to support mobility planning in Aachen and the surrounding region.

On Wednesday 9 August, we held our first data tasting workshop for the mFUND project Aachener Datenpool. The workshop was led by Max Haberstroh and colleagues with participants from across different departments at the City of Aachen.

The goal of the workshop was to find out what kinds of mobility and urban planning data the City of Aachen owns or has access to, and what kinds of planning uses the city can imagine for these data. Based on this, we developed potential use cases and considered which ones would be most worthwhile to develop in the short-term.

We heard about a range of challenges they face in extracting information from datasets, including data silos and the use of different platforms in different departments, separate databases containing overlapping information, barriers to accessing data from commercial providers and to making city data publicly available, and the need for more data-based evaluation of urban planning projects. We also heard about how much progress has already been made in some areas, with Aachen possessing one of the largest data portals in Germany and work on digital twins well underway.

The next stage of the data tasting process involves getting feedback on the workshop findings and potential user cases from City of Aachen colleagues in other relevant departments. Then the available datasets will be explored to see if and how they could be linked and analysed to meet the needs of the selected use case(s). The findings will then be further workshopped and tested to establish a clear use case solution for the city.

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