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“ELAN Youth on the Move” – CIVITAS-ELAN Youth Congress


From 24 to 26 May 2011 the ELAN City of Brno hosted the first ever Youth Congress held within the CIVITAS Initiative. Eight pupils aged between 15 and 17 from each ELAN city gathered in Brno to experience a fun and productive get-together learning more about sustainable public transport and CIVITAS-ELAN.

How can urban transport be improved? Students are bursting with ideas and CIVITAS-ELAN gave them a chance to share them. The 40 students from the five cities were divided into groups, with at least one representative of each city per group. Brno’s students acted as guides for their international guests. The participants took part in a puzzle hunt in which they experienced all modes of public transport in Brno. On the basis of the game and pre-prepared background papers from their home cities, the students were asked to compare transportation in the respective cities, identify strengths and weaknesses and formulate recommendations that could lead to improvements in urban transport. These were presented to experts engaged in the CIVITAS-ELAN project. The workshop was chaired by Ondřej Havlík, moderator of the congress, who is also an accomplished beatboxer. The entire congress was characterised by a great mood and thrill. Students were truly bursting with ideas how to improve urban transport.If you are interested to organise a similar event click here for more information: <link fileadmin user_upload what_s_new elan_youth_on_the_move.pdf _blank>Youth on the move

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