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CoEXist activities begin with a meeting in Helmond


On the 11th of May 2017, Rupprecht Consult, PTV Group, City of Helmond, and TASS International kick-started the project with a meeting at the TASS International Headquarters in Helmond, Netherlands.

After merely 10 days since the start of the project, work package 2 (WP2) activities have commenced with the completion of a milestone, that is, the data collection specification meeting in Helmond on 11 May 2017. WP2 deals with the development of connected and automated vehicle or “CAV-ready” microscopic (PTV VISSIM) and macroscopic (PTV VISUM) traffic modelling tools.


The first technical discussions took place during the meeting and the scheduling for WP2-specific milestones and deliverables were further synchronised. The attendees also had the chance to have a site visit of the facilities at TASS International Headquarters. The group was furthermore given a short drive tour along segments of the test track/route for the data collection that is to be accomplished within the CoEXist project.


The consortium looks forward to the goals and challenges that are lying ahead in the project. This was a great start towards our mission of helping cities and stakeholder to become “Automation-ready”.

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