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CIVITAS-ELAN Risk Assessment and Process Evaluation workshop


From 25-28 February 2010, CIVITAS-ELAN held a workshop on “Risk Assessment and Process Evaluation” in Bled, Slovenia.

After 18 months of the ELAN project the workshop brought together more than 60 ELAN colleagues, among them more than 35 Measure Leaders, to reflect on the achievements which the project has made, to identify and assess common project challenges, problems and risks and to relate them to the wider scope of the CIVITAS Initiative in 20 different parallel sessions.The workshop proved to be a crucial step in identifying minor and major problems and risks which will be addressed in the weeks and months to come. Also, the workshop proved to be very successful in strengthening the good relations among partners who don’t have the chance to meet that often due to the follow-up and team-building activities.

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