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CIVITAS DYN@MO Presented At The Earth Day Celebration in Koprivnica, Croatia


Koprivnica recently celebrated Earth Day 2013, an event centered around the sustainable iniatives of local businesses, kindergartens, schools, civil society and local agencies.

The event included the first ever public presentation of the CIVITAS DYN@MO initative, which was presented by the City of Koprivnica in conjunction with other projects that are currently being implemented throughout the city. The CIVITAS DYN@MO presentation was very well received by the citizens and many asked for additional information. One of the interested visitors was Dr. Ivo Josipovic, the president of Croatia who was attending the celebration of the local city governments 20th anniversary. President Josipovic  expressed his interest in the CIVITAS DYN@MO measures on electromobility, stating that Koprivnica has already achieved a great deal and hopes to see Koprivnica and Croatia continue to grow and thrive within the European Union. Other distinguished visitors were: Mr. Istvan Toth, deputy mayor of Kaposvar, Koprivnica's Hungarian twin-city, Mr. Gordan Filipovic, deputy chirman of the Croatian local self-government for the city of Kaposvar, Mr. Zvonimir Mrsic, CEO of Podravka, Mr. Drazen Pros, deputy Minister of enterpreneurship, Mr. Darko Ledinski, assistant of the Minister of social affairs and Mrs. Ankica Njezic, assistant of the Minister of Science, Eductation and sports.

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