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Building the future of European public transport together in Versailles at the second UPPER Consortium Meeting


Versailles Grand Parc played host to a diverse consortium of 41 partners as they gathered for the second UPPER project meeting on the 13th and 14th of June. This event brought together experts from the field of urban transport to engage in captivating presentations, interactive workshops, and thought-provoking discussions over the course of two days. The strategic and technical sessions allowed the team to engage in fruitful conversations, review processes, identify bottlenecks in project management, and chart the course for the next phase of the initiative.

One of the highlights of the event was the series of workshops focused on the development of the UPPER Toolkit, consisting of seven tools. These workshops aimed to define, in a collaborative way, the requirements necessary to support the development of the tools. Adding to the excitement, participants were treated to a local host presentation and had the opportunity to explore the iconic Palace of Versailles, immersing themselves in the rich history and architectural grandeur of the location.

The UPPER project, funded by the European Union, is a visionary initiative that seeks to transform public transport into a beacon of sustainability and innovation in urban mobility. With a mission to achieve zero-emission mobility and contribute to climate neutrality by 2030, the project aligns with the goals of the Cities Mission and the priorities of the Green Deal.

Rupprecht Consult, represented by Sinziana Ioana Rasca and Ira Kataria during the meeting, plays a crucial role in the project as a leader of the work package responsible for developing three out of the seven U-tools, including the U-SUMP tool. The U-SUMP tool, led directly by Rupprecht Consult, is a monitoring and decision-support tool that assists public transport planners, authorities, and policy makers in analysing data and evaluate climate-neutrality goals based on SUMI indicators.

For the latest updates and insights into this groundbreaking project, be sure to visit the newly launched project website. Exciting developments are on the horizon as the UPPER project propels the 10 Living Labs across Europe towards a greener and more sustainable future of urban transportation.

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