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Antofagasta finishes the diagnosis phase of its SUMP


On June 11, 2020, Antofagasta organised a workshop to this aim.

The workshop was organised digitally and brought together a multi-sector discussion between various governmental and non-governmental organisations as well as local, regional and national institutions in the Chilean city.The results of the mobility situation diagnosis in Antofagasta were presented. Subsequently, the results of the planning processes assessment were explained. For this evaluation, Rupprecht Consult provided technical assistance on the use of the new SUMP self-assessment tool in the framework of our support to the EUROCLIMA+ programme on the development of SUMPs in Latin America.
The outcomes of the workshop provided an interesting overview of the mobility situation in Antofagasta and the planning practices. Upon this basis, the Strategy development phase is to start with the objective to set a long-term vision and strategic targets for the Mobility Plan in Antofagasta.
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Diagnosis closing workshop on 11 June 2020