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Ac-DatEP: Second Data Tasting Workshop


Successful Second Data Tasting Workshop within the Ac-DatEP Project: Discussion on the Utilization of Data from Different Sources for a User Analysis

On Wednesday, January 17, 2024, the second Data Tasting Workshop took place as part of the Ac-DatEP project. The workshop was led by Max Haberstroh and colleagues, with participants from various departments of the City of Aachen, as well as from Rupprecht Consult. Due to heavy snowfall in Aachen, the workshop was unfortunately moved to an online format.


The focal point of the workshop was the use case of Sportpark Soers and the discussion on leveraging crowd data for user analysis. Workshop participants exchanged ideas regarding the application and evaluation of these data.


Specific questions included:

- Where do people come from, what modes of transportation do they use, and at what times?

- How does user behavior change depending on specific events such as season, time of day, weather, and special occasions?


We extend our gratitude to all participants for their dedicated involvement and look forward to further inspiring discussions within the AcDat-EP project.

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