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Ac-DatEP Project Presentation at the GoDigitalAC! Congress


The Ac-DatEP project team attended the "GoDigitalAC!" congress in Aachen last week, focusing on exchanges with those interested in digitalization in the mobility sector.

The "GoDigitalAC!" congress was held in Aachen on February 23, 2024, to discuss the current state of digitalization in the region. The congress presented the ambitious goals of the Ac-DatEP project, which aims to create an open data pool and combine it with other available data for improving urban mobility and environmental monitoring.

During the congress, the project team interacted with interested citizens of Aachen and other relevant projects. The focus was on digitalization in Aachen, with a particular emphasis on the mobility sector.

As the project progresses, it will continue to seek feedback from the public and interested stakeholders. If you want to learn more about the Ac-DatEP project and how it will impact Aachen and other cities, join us on the path toward a digitally empowered and sustainable future.

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