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2nd European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans took place in Bucharest


Romania hosted the 2nd SUMP conference, an annual event organised by ENDURANCE, the European SUMP network, with the support of Eltis - the European Platform on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans.

This year’s edition gathered more than 300 attendees, up from 144 in the first edition in 2014. The conference, which featured, among others, high-level speakers from the European Commission, gave an impetus to the discussions on the role of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) and the many ways in which urban mobility can be used to improve our lives, cities and economies. The theme of the conference was ‘sustainable mobility for everyone’. Methods by which all members of society, including those with disabilities, can be provided with high-quality mobility options were looked at in detail. Recognising the unprecedented number of urban areas working on SUMPs, the conference explored the changing demands of urban mobility. Policy makers and academics from across Europe debated key issues, highlighting developments in mobility planning and examining how the SUMP concept can be adjusted to suit different geographic contexts and population densities. All the presentations are now available online on the <link http: resources press-promo-materials>Eltis and <link http: endurance>ENDURANCE websites. The presentations are grouped in four sets - plenary sessions, all cities sessions, all people sessions and planning techniques sessions - and can be downloaded individually or together as a .zip file. At the end of the conference it was announced that Bremen, Germany, winner of the European Commission’s 2014 <link http: award winners>SUMP award, will host the 3rd SUMP conference, to take place in the first half of 2016.

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