Project Details


Recommendations for traveller and traffic information service implementation


Project details

Duration 01/1996 - 04/1998

Coordinator ARTTIC

Project goal

Well-Timed was initiated to explore the legal and institutional issues associated with transport data exchange and information management in the EU, and to develop guidelines on best practice.


Four case studies include a range of real-time RTT services which encompass varied legal and organisational arrangements ranging from public sector data collection systems (e.g. the collection and processing of data within the Dutch Traffic Information Centre), through public/private partnerships (e.g. Mediamobile in France and the Cologne Parkinfo in Germany), to services which are provided entirely by the private sector (e.g. Trafficmaster in the U.K.).

Reviews of appropriate organisational and legal models from outside Europe have also been included. A questionnaire on advanced travel and traffic information services, sent to RTT-HLG representatives, sought information on the forms of services already operating, the main agencies involved, the collection and supply of real-time trafficad the regulation of the services.


Two reports were produced, available form the download section of this page:

WELL-TIMED Final National Reports (pdf-File)
WELL-TIMED Final Overall Report (pdf-File)

Role of Rupprecht Consult

We were responsible for the country report on Germany.

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Siegfried Rupprecht
+49 221 6060 55 0

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