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Training for transport professionals


Project details

Duration 09/2002 - 09/2005

Coordinator Ramboll Management Brussels sa/nv, Brussels

Project goal

The aim of the training was to improve the practical knowledge and competencies of professionals responsible for planning and managing more radical and integrated sustainable transport systems at the local/regional level.

The content of the Training Programme mainly built on the latest results of EU-sponsored research projects on clean urban transport, using as a starting point the whole range of relevant transport and energy projects.

Particular attention was given to the policy dimension of the research projects in order to strengthen the links between Community research results and policy activities at all levels.

The training was provided free of charge. The participants were expected to cover their own travel expenses and accommodation cost.


The training programme consisted of a cycle of 4 seminars, carried out on a yearly basis from 2003 to 2005. The seminars were held in different locations in Europe and lasted for two and a half days. The number of participants was limited to 50 persons.

The content of the seminars was fine-tuned on the basis of the user needs assessment.

The teaching material was specifically aimed at providing practical support to the end users. This material included seminar documentation and an annual summary of seminar proceedings.

Role of Rupprecht Consult

  • Design and analysis of user needs questionnaire
  • Coordination of participant selection
  • Preparation and support of the training modules (including support in: preparation of content and materials, methodology and trainers, delivery of training seminars, post-seminar activities)
  • Dissemination support, including contact database administration

Contact details

Siegfried Rupprecht
+49 221 6060 55 11

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