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TELEKOM Training

We developed and moderated a training on MaaS and business model development in the public transport sector. The aim of the workshop was to present and discuss goals, strategies, instruments and framework conditions in urban mobility and the public transport sector as well as the field of actors and decision-makers. In detail, the following topics were addressed:

  • Cooperation barriers and opportunities with public transport providers and authorities,
  • Business field developments and "game changers" in mobility.
TELEKOM Training

Project details

Duration 11/20 - 01/21

Coordinator Rupprecht Consult

Project goal

The aims of the training:

  • Discussion on goals, strategies and instruments in urban mobility and public transport.
  • Potentials and cooperation models for the introduction of MaaS


The training was held on January 14, 2021 and presented options for the client to deliver telecommunication solutions in the changing world of public transport and its digital challenges were discussed and analysed, in order to allow Telekom to become an optimised service provider in the sense of MaaS.

Role of Rupprecht Consult

We were the project leader (in cooperation with TippingPoints)

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