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Support for circular economy cluster at the University of Applied Sciences Cologne

Rupprecht Consult is the external science manager to support across the faculty-group of professors at the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne – TH Köln – is striving to establish a topic-oriented research cluster "Circular Value Creation" on the topic area to bundle both the research expertise and the teaching content of the professors involved. About 30 professors from 10 faculties of the TH Köln are currently working on the topic of "Circular Value Creation" in four working groups.

Support for circular economy cluster at the University of Applied Sciences Cologne

Project details

Duration 04/2021 - 12/2021

Coordinator Rupprecht Consult GmbH

Project goal

The project goal is to make the process of foundation of the Circular Economy Research Cluster even more targeted, professional, and efficient. This activity is essential in the decisive phase, in which goals, contents and structures must be specified. At the same time, the goals of the TH Köln from the University Development Plan 2030 are to be implemented in the process (sustainable university, commitment to society, innovation, …).

The research cluster will have a lasting impact on the reputation of the TH Köln at regional, national and international level and will be an efficient instrument for social innovation. The interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral research and teaching cluster to be founded at the TH Köln should include all aspects of sustainability and be oriented towards the "Green Deal" of the European Commission. The network has a profile-building and profile-creating effect with a corresponding impact in the areas of "publications", "guidelines", "acquired projects" and "public discourse" (impact on society).  


The expected results of this project are:

  • The establishment of a topic-oriented research cluster "Circular Value Creation" at the TH Köln on the topic area in autumn 2021
  • The successful identification of relevant EU calls for tenders as well as the support in two to three application processes for funding 

Role of Rupprecht Consult

Rupprecht Consult is responsible for the project management.

To professionally guide the inner process of establishing the research cluster at the university, Rupprecht Consult is taking over the function of the external professional science manager, to:

  • Support with initial applications for accompanying public funding measures at European, national, and regional level,
  • Prepare and moderate the steering committee meetings and the working groups,
  • Accompany the documentation of the development of the research cluster in meaningful reports and strategy papers. 

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