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SUMP Training Lithuania

The projects focused on analyzing the current situation related to the Sustainable Mobility Plans (SUMP) development in Lithuanian municipalities that have already a SUMP in place, using an assessment methodology based on the SUMP Self-Assessment Tool. the results have been presented in the framework of a national SUMP training.


SUMP Training Lithuania

Project details

Duration 06/2023 - 12/2023

Coordinator Rupprecht Consult

Project goal

The main goal of the project was to support in the preparation and delivery of national training on the SUMP for the Lithuanian municipalities, building on the assessment of the current situation of sustainable mobility plans in Lithuanian cities. The training was organised by the Lithuanian Ministry of Transport with the Future Mobility Policy Group, in cooperation with Rupprecht Consult. It aimed at bringing together municipalities from across the country to receive the latest updates related to the current national context, and to exchange knowledge, best practices, and innovative ideas in the field of sustainable mobility. The SUMP training served as a platform for municipalities, policymakers, and experts in sustainable mobility from Lithuania to engage in insightful discussions on innovative sustainable mobility solutions and strategies based on the national standards and European best practices. The assessment was conducted using the SUMP Self-Assessment Tool of Rupprecht Consult available at



The main result of the project was a country report on the current situation of SUMPs in Lithuanian municipalities and the delivery of a national training organized in Vilnius on 18 October 2023.


Role of Rupprecht Consult

Rupprecht Consult was contracted to conduct the national SUMP assessment and deliver the training.

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