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The Dresden Mobility Plan 2035+ is a comprehensive strategy for modern, equal and environmentally friendly mobility that updates the previous Transport Development Plan 2025plus. It serves as a roadmap for the future to ensure that all citizens in Dresden can travel flexibly, comfortably and in a climate-friendly way and that the city remains a great place to live. The plan integrates various concepts and resolutions of the city council, such as the integrated climate protection concept, the clean air plan and the cycling concept, and defines effective measures for climate protection.

Project goal

In modern society, people are constantly on the move, whether it's for work or personal reasons. However, to meet the national climate protection targets, we need to bring about a significant change in our mobility habits. The goal of this project is to shape the future of mobility in Dresden in a way that is sustainable for both the environment and the city. This involves addressing a range of issues such as adapting to the impact of digitalization and automation on mobility, rethinking public spaces in a city center that is prone to overheating, reducing parking spaces in favor of green spaces, and creating incentives for people to choose alternative modes of transportation to cars. The project also aims to ensure that environmentally friendly mobility is accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget.


The city council adopted the 2025plus Traffic Development Plan (VEP) in 2014. However, due to several changes in framework conditions, it requires an immediate update. The mobility needs of Dresden's residents have evolved, and the city council has developed new goals, concepts, and resolutions. These include an integrated climate protection plan, a clean air plan, and a cycling concept. The city aims to increase the share of public transport to 30% of all journeys.

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Rupprecht Consult is responsible for providing the know-how as a subcontractor.

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