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SUMP Cologne

Rupprecht Consult supports the preparation of the SUMP in its home city Cologne. The SUMP is developed in a two-stage project structure. In the first stage, besides the development of a mission statement and basic objectives, a comprehensive analysis of opportunities and deficiencies as well as the development of different scenarios

including the definition of a target scenario for future urban mobility. Based on this, packages of measures are drawn up in the second stage, which contribute in the best possible way to the contribute to the achievement of the objectives.

During the first stage of SUMP development, Rupprecht Consult acts as project manager of the entire process and coordinates the work of tippingpoints GmbH (communication) and Dialogwerke GmbH (participation).

SUMP Cologne

Project details

Duration 10/2022 - 10/2024

Coordinator Rupprecht Consult Forschung & Beratung GmbH

Project goal

The aim of the project is to ensure internal and external project communication, the implementation of participation procedures, and the assumption of project management tasks within the framework of stage 1 of the preparation of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of the City of Cologne.

Specifically, the project includes the development and implementation of a communication and participation concept that ensures continuous information and participation of relevant decision-makers, stakeholders and the general public in the technical elaboration of stage 1 of the SUMP. This project component is implemented by tippingpoints and DialogWerke. Within the project, Rupprecht Consult is responsible for the project management to support the City of Cologne in managing and coordinating all work and deadlines within the scope of stage 1 of the SUMP. In addition, Rupprecht Consult supports the City of Cologne in the planning, implementation and follow-up of a large number of coordination meetings with the municipal administration and politicians.

Role of Rupprecht Consult

Rupprecht Consult ist der Koordinator des Projekts und leitet das Projektmanagement zur Unterstützung der Stadt Köln bei der Steuerung und Koordination der Stufe 1 des SUMP.

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