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STREnGth_M, (Stimulating road Transport Research in Europe and around the Globe for sustainable Mobility) is a 3-year Horizon Europe project. With a consortium comprising 23 partners from 10 Member States in Europe and beyond, the project aims to drive innovation in road transport.

The project aligns with the European Green Deal targets and the Paris Agreement. Operating from February 2023 to February 2026, STREnGth_M aims to contribute significantly to European research and innovation planning. It is a support action of ERTRAC, the European Road Transport Advisory Council, and strives to strengthen international cooperation, track global progress in electric and sustainable mobility, and identify barriers and research needs while promoting education and training initiatives for capacity building.


Project details

Duration 02/2023 - 02/2026


Coordinator AVL LIST GMBH

Project goal

The STREnGth_M project has a goal of shaping research and innovation in Europe within the field of road transport. It focuses on identifying future research needs, updating and supporting the coordination of strategic research agendas, and promoting continuous exchange among Horizon Europe partnerships. The project also assesses research capacities in Member States, explores funding instruments at national and regional levels, and evaluates the potential of national and regional roadmaps. Additionally, STREnGth_M tracks global progress in electric mobility, assesses innovative solutions for emerging markets in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, with the aim to strengthen links between European, national, and regional programs.

The project identifies barriers to research deployment and proposes education and training actions for capacity building.

Role of Rupprecht Consult

In STREnGTH_M, Rupprecht leads Task 1.4 in WP1, focusing on identifying education and training actions for road transport through analysis, surveys, and collaboration with partners. The task includes conducting an impact analysis to identify key focuses and gaps globally. The final deliverable (D3.1) will map available and missing actions, highlighting synergies and variations across the globe.


Additionally, Rupprecht supports WP2 and WP4. In WP2, the focus is on European-level road mapping activities and partnership support, utilizing networks like ERTRAC, 2Zero, CCAM, BATT4EU, Clean Hydrogen, and KDT. WP4, "Global progress and exchange," tracks global developments in electric and sustainable mobility, conducts feasibility studies, and strengthens international cooperation structures. The consortium aims to support best practice structures for international cooperation task forces.


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