Project Details


This is the second phase of the SMMR project which will introduce new topics and "Thematic Networks" to enhance its approach to make ‘Sustainable Mobility More Real‘.


Project details

Duration 09/2022 - 10/2024


Coordinator GFA Consulting Group

Project goal

Making sustainable mobility more real through AVOID–SHIFT– IMPROVE strategies supported by ASEAN strategies, plans, and guidelines is a common effort of many stakeholders across all boundaries.

SMMR Phase II supports this effort through the creation of thematic networks around common approaches and projects involving public authorities, private partners, academia, and civil society, which are as follows:

  • AVOID gridlock through effective planning
  • SHIFT to sustainable mobility and logistics
  • IMPROVE light electric vehicle technology & design


Project Objectives

The project has the overall objective to support ASEAN Member States to mainstream strategies and concepts for integrated, sustainable mobility into their planning and governance practices.

Project Activities/Results

It uses a multi-level approach, working locally, with three partner metropolitan regions, as well as on the national and regional / ASEAN levels. The project supports four metropolitan regions across Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand in their ambitions to create metropolitan mobility planning procedures.

Role of Rupprecht Consult

Rupprecht Consult is responsible for

  • Developing the ASEAN Urban Freight guidelines
  • Contributing to the ASI.SUM Capacity building programme by developing he modules around 
    •  Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning
    •  Accessibility Profiles
    • Freight and Delivery Traffic Regulations

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