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EU Urban Mobility Observatory

Our team will support cities in developing and implementing sustainable urban mobility measures through the European Urban Mobility Observatory. We will provide best practice information, networking opportunities, SUMP-related guidance, and city-specific support.

Project goal

The following tasks are part of the European Urban Mobility Observatory and Support, which includes Web Portal Management and SUMP-Related Activities:

- Hosting and managing the Eltis portal.
- Keeping the EU Urban Mobility Observatory up-to-date by adding new content such as news items, case studies, and video clips, and by preparing regular newsletters.
- Promoting the adoption of SUMPs in Europe, including:
  - Hosting SUMP guidance, covering the overall SUMP concept, SUMP Guidelines, and SUMP Reference documents.
  - Monitoring city-level activities in the development of SUMPs.
  - Providing access to SUMP good practice examples (case studies), tools, and news items.
  - Supporting the Six Sub-groups of the Commission's Member States expert Group on Urban Mobility (EGUM).
  - Following up on the Commission Recommendation on national SUMP Support programs.
  - Updating the SUMP Guidelines and conducting quality reviews of SUMP reference materials.
  - Providing updates on relevant projects.
  - Providing access to existing SUMPs through the City Database.
  - Organizing the Urban Mobility Days Conference in 2025.


The project aims to achieve the following results:
- Updating the quality review of SUMP Guidelines reference material
- Updating the City Database
- Providing support to the Subgroups of the Expert Group on Urban Mobility (EGUM), particularly the Subgroup EGUM WG6 Future of Urban Mobility - Urban Space


Role of Rupprecht Consult

Rupprecht's responsibilities include leading and coordinating the update of the SUMP Guidelines, quality review of SUMP reference material, and updating the City Database. Additionally, Rupprecht contributes to the development of case studies, supports the Subgroups of the Expert Group on Urban Mobility (EGUM), especially Subgroup EGUM WG6 Future of Urban Mobility - Urban Space, and follows up on the Commission Recommendation on the national SUMP support programme.

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