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EAFO 3.0

Rupprecht Consult is involved in the further development of EAFO, the European Alternative Fuel Observatory. EAFO is the European Commission's reference portal for all information on alternative fuel vehicles and fleets.

EAFO comprises information & data on the uptake of natural gas, bio-fuel as well as battery-electric charging and hydrogen refueling infrastructure. The portal includes monthly information on fleet uptake data in the EU member states, national policies for stimulating the uptake of alternative fuel vehicles as well as data and maps of the charging/ refueling infrastructure.

EAFO supports EU, national and local public policy-makers, decision makers in the private sector, as well as research institutes.

EAFO 3.0

Project details

Duration 06/2021-04/2025


Coordinator FIER Automotive

Project goal

The goal of EAFO 3.0 is to ensure that EAFO remains the main reference portal for publicly available information on alternative fuels vehicles and infrastructure in the EU, supporting policy-decision making in an adequate manner, and to further develop its functionality and user-friendliness.

EAFO 3.0 will continue and improve the collection, verification and analysis of relevant alternative fuels, vehicles and infrastructure data to enable assessment of the Commission of the actual deployment of infrastructure by the Member States, including in particular identification of relevant gaps in the TEN-T network. The objective for the new interactive map is to not only provide all aggregated EU data on recharging and alternative fuels refuelling points in one place but also to increase the usability of the map by creating more and better data layers and filtering mechanisms, as well as adding dynamic data. The improved EAFO Interactive map and the TENTec map will also provide the tools needed for decision-support and gap analyses, such as the TEN-T Corridors analysis

The portal will also be improved by extending information to the deployment of alternative fuel infrastructure to other sectors as well as other alternative fuel vehicle categories such as rail and aviation.

Finally, the portal will be enhanced to become a real knowledge centre, both for consumers as well as policy-makers & public authorities. The knowledge centre has a role in supporting strategies, policies, investment decisions, and consumer behaviour, by providing insights into the current situation and trends, latest news on solutions and innovations, best practices, potential bottlenecks, tools with practical information, and in-depth research results.


Rupprecht Consult together with POLIS will update the existing SUMP Topic Guide "Electrification: Planning for electric road transport in the SUMP context". This will comprise relevant updates to guiding users on the charging infrastructure deployment, extend information on other kinds of vehicles & modes and include guidance for the further development towards Vehicle-2-Grid & Vehicle-2-X. The updated guide will become available in the first half of 2022.

Role of Rupprecht Consult

Rupprecht Consult together with POLIS will conceptualise and develop the knowledge section for public authorities. This will include information on the most relevant directives and regulations will be included with special attention given to Directive 2014/94/EU on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure (AFID) and the ‘Clean Vehicles Directive’ (Directive (EU) 2019/1161 including the overview of the transposition of the CVD into national/ regional legislation and an overview of the Member States' progress on reaching the targets.

In addition, information and guidance on relevant EU directives, policies, and initiatives will be provided (e.g. revised Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy, the Clean Energy for all European Package, and the Green Deal funding opportunities). The knowledge section will also comprise relevant results and progress reports based on the Sustainable Transport Forum recommendations as well as guidance materials for public authorities on procuring, awarding concessions, licenses and/ or granting support for electric recharging infrastructure for passenger cars and vans.

Finally, the knowledge platform will comprise relevant information & materials from EU-funded projects that deal with the various topics related to alternative fuels deployment.

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