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Attaining Energy-Efficient Mobility in an Ageing Society


Project details

Duration 08/2008 - 11/2011


Coordinator Rupprecht Consult Forschung & Beratung GmbH

Project goal

In AENEAS, the cities of Donostia-San Sebastián, Krakow, Munich, Odense, Salzburg and their supporting organisations pursued the following aims:

  • Raise awareness about the challenge of sustainable urban mobility in an ageing society among stakeholders in European cities;
  • Enable key actors to address these issues by applying successful, non-technological concepts;
  • Raise awareness on energy-efficient travel options (walking, public transport, cycling, car sharing and public bicycles) and promote them as alternatives to the private car;
  • Train older people on how to use sustainable transport according to their needs and expectations; and
  • Improve the attractiveness and safety of energy-efficient modes by small-scale, innovative interventions.


Each of the five participating cities implemented a range of three measures covering different aspects of mobility management, awareness raising and training, such as:

  • Training schemes for older travellers on the safe and convenient use of public transport and bicycles;
  • Training schemes for bus drivers on needs and expectations of older passengers;
  • Campaigns and training schemes promoting road safety among older citizens;
  • Individualised Travel Marketing;
  • Awareness raising on the needs of older passengers among school children
  • Training on how to use the internet for trip planning;
  • Involvement of older citizens in planning processes and feedback mechanisms on service quality;
  • Support schemes for older travellers at major public transport interchanges;
  • Campaigns and events in order to promote active and healthy mobility among older people. For further details please see the AENEAS Implementation Report.

On the European level, AENEAS aimed at joining implementers and relevant stakeholders, and promoting exchange and take-up of good practice via various channels. To this aim, five Training Seminars took place in the participating cities, which were all documented in dedicated training reports.

A series of targeted guidance manuals were developed, including a Study Tour Catalogue on good practice, the Staying Mobile Guide on transferability and take up, toolkits for passenger and driver training, and more. These guides, a comprehensive good-practice-database and many more can be found on the AENEAS website.

AENEAS left a visible footprint and its innovative approaches and tools have already been applied by a number of European cities. The main achievement of the project however was to enable a new angle on mobility of older people, considering them as active travellers and paying customers.

Role of Rupprecht Consult

Project Co-ordinator

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Siegfried Rupprecht
+49 221 6060 55 11

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