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Aachen klimaneutral 2030

Aachen aims to become largely climate-neutral by 2030, as part of the corresponding EU mission. The first major milestone in achieving this goal is the Climate City Agreement, which outlines the specific measures that need to be taken. This agreement is supported by a broad alliance of important Aachen stakeholders.

Project goal

Aachen Climate Neutral has set a goal to create the Aachen Climate City Contract and garner widespread support for it from the city's community. Additionally, they aim to initiate a transformation process that will enhance collaboration amongst the relevant stakeholders, both inside and outside of the city administration, in achieving climate neutrality.


The Aachen Climate City Agreement was submitted to the EU in mid-March 2024. In terms of content, it is based on existing Aachen concepts (particularly Integrated Climate Protection Concepts 1 and 2), supplements these, and fulfills the requirements of the EU. Particularly important: it is supported by well over a hundred Aachen institutions and organizations from business, science, and civil society, which have co-signed it. 

Role of Rupprecht Consult

Rupprecht Consult supported the city of Aachen in drafting the Climate City Contract, addressing EU requirements, and encouraging the participation of social stakeholders through an agile workflow process.

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