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UITP Space kick-off meeting in March 2018


Rupprecht Consult was represented by Bernard Gyergyay at the kick-off meeting of the UITP internal SPACE (Shared Personalised Autonomous Connected vEhicles) project.

The objective of the SPACE project is to:    
  • Assess the impacts of automated road transport systems
  • Develop operational concepts and business models for the best use of AVs in passenger services
  • Develop a harmonised regulatory framework to allow AV safe operation in real (mixed) mobility scenarios
  • The definition of a set of standard interfaces at EU level (operator level, infrastructure level, vehicle level) to allow interoperability of solution   
The project activities are structured within four working groups:  
  • WG1 – Connected and Automated Mobility Scenarios
  • WG2 – Technical Reference Architecture
  • WG3 – Pilots experience monitoring
  • WG4 – Impact assessment 
Rupprecht Consult is a member of the working group 4 on Impact Assessment. 
SPACE Group Picture