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TRANSFORuM's 2nd Joint Forum Meeting held in Vienna

The TRANSFORuM project held its 2nd Joint Forum Meeting in Vienna on January 28th and 29th 2014. It was a continuation of the 1st Joint Forum Meeting (Gdansk, June 2013) and four theme-specific workshops in the autumn 2013. The purpose of all TRANSFORuM events is to listen to and learn from stakeholders and practitioners in various fields of transport and mobility. This is a crucial approach for TRANSFORuM because its ultimate outputs – roadmaps towards a better mobility future – will have to be “stakeholder-driven” in order to have any likeliness of being accepted and implemented. The stakeholders attending the Vienna event represented the four thematic areas, which TRANSFORuM focuses on: Clean urban mobility, long distance freight, high-speed rail and multi-modal travel information and ticketing systems; each of them corresponding to one goal in the European Commission’s <link http: resources library.html _blank>Transport White Paper from 2011. Stakeholders therefore represented, to name just a few, a large rail operator, a European civil society organisation, a representative of a large city, a pro-rail advocacy group, ITS experts, local mobility advisor and others. Also the European Commission was represented at the event with two delegates. The detailed attendance list is available in the event’s <link http: fileadmin user_upload transforum_vienna2014_briefingpaper.pdf _blank>briefing paper. Related documents for the 2nd Joint Forum Meeting are the four thematically specific draft roadmaps (version 1.0) and a <link http: fileadmin user_upload transforum_vienna2014_crosscuttingissues.pdf _blank>description of three issues, that cut across all of TRANSFORuM’s four thematic areas: 1) Financing, funding, pricing. 2) Policy packaging. 3) Governance, standards & regulation. The main purpose of the event in Vienna was to discuss the draft roadmaps, to critically probe their structure, to assess the suggested prioritisation of measures, to evaluate the relevance of the “cross-cutting issues” and other discussions that would enable the TRANSFORuM team to develop evidence-based, stakeholder-driven, robust, relevant, ambitious but realistic roadmaps that will make a lasting difference to the future of European mobility. The minutes of the event will soon be available on the TRANSFORuM <link http: events january-2014-vienna.html _blank>website.

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The plenum at the 2nd Joint Forum Meeteing