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TRANSFORuM workshop on High-Speed Rail held in Rome.


Thirteen external stakeholders attended TRANSFORuM's second workshop on high-speed rail.

TRANSFORuM is explicitly following a stakeholder-driven approach, which translates into a series of stakeholder workshops, each focussing on one of TRANSFORuM’s thematic areas. A workshop focussing on the high-speed rail goal of the EU Transport White Paper took place on June 12 / 13 2014 in Rome, Italy.

It was attended by 13 external experts, representing a variety of stakeholder organisations such as railway operators, railway industry,  infrastructure managers, a national ministry of transport, a train construction company, the European Investment Bank and others – in most cases from top decision making levels of their organisations.

The main purpose of the workshop was to sharpen, validate but also to constructively criticise and suggest amendments to TRANSFORuM’s draft roadmap 2.0 on high-speed rail, which was included in the background paper that was sent out to all attendees before the event. It is also available on the related <link http: events thematic-workshops-2014.html>project webpage.

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