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TRANSFORUM Transport White Paper project started on February 1


The mission of TRANSFORuM is to contribute to the transformation process towards a competitive and resource-efficient European transport system by engaging key actors to participate in a stakeholder forum and to implement its recommendations.

The TRANSFORuM Project will be carried out by a consortium of well‐connected, but independent and experienced policy advisers and researchers from across Europe who offer a “fresh approach” to helping to implement four key goals of the European Transport White Paper:
  • Clean Urban Transport and CO2-free city logistics (goal 1) 
  • Shift of road freight to rail and waterborne transport (goal 3) 
  • Complete and maintain the European high‐speed rail network (goal 4) 
  • European multimodal information, management and payment system (goal 8)
 The consortium, coordinated by Rupprecht Consult, will hold its kick-off meeting on February 20-22 in Cologne.

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