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TRANSFORuM Thematic Group Surveys now available online!


TRANSFORuM combines face-to-face stakeholder events with online tools such as the newly created thematic group surveys.

TRANSFORuM is pleased to announce that four online surveys representing the projects four thematic groups have been created. TRANSFORuM provides a platform for stakeholders to discuss the best ways to implement the 2011 White Paper on Transport goals. TRANSFORuM does this by combining face-to-face stakeholder events with online tools such as surveys. These surveys will be an important tool in gaining a deeper understanding into stakeholders views.Below are links to the following thematic surveys:
  • <link http: urban-mobility survey-wave-1.html _blank>Urban Mobility
  • <link http: freight freight-survey-1.html _blank>Freight
  • <link http: highspeed-rail highspeed-rail-survey-1.html _blank>High-speed Rail
  • <link http: its its-survey.html _blank>ITS
Each survey only takes ten minutes and is completely anonymous. For more information on TRANSFORuM and the projects four thematic goals, please visit the <link http:>website!

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