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TRANSFORuM "Recommendations" released


The "Recommendations on Joint Actions across Thematic Areas", which is one of the key outputs of the TRANSFORuM project is now available.

In many ways, the "Recommendations" document is the essence of the FP7 project <link http:>TRANSFORuM. It is not only a summary of the four "Roadmaps" - which were released at a large conference in Brussels on 8 December 2014 - but extracts the conclusions of all of them and puts them in relation to each other. The Table of Contents provides an indication of the nature of this document: 1 Introduction
1.1 Information about the TRANSFORuM project
1.2 Purpose and structure of the document
2 A comparative perspective on the four thematic roadmaps
2.1 Improving coordination and communication among stakeholders
2.2 Increasing efficiency and service quality on the basis of existing infrastructures
2.3 Extending infrastructures
2.4 The specific role of funding
3 Trade-offs and synergies across the roadmaps
3.1 ICT: a ubiquitous enabler – and a ubiquitous need for cooperation
3.2 The last mile: a crux for passenger transport
3.3 The last mile: a crux for freight transport
3.4 A matter of rail capacity: Long-distance freight and HSR
4 Conclusions and key lessons learned
5 References Also the graphic provided encapsulates some of the most important conclusions of the project which are articulated in this document.

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[1] TRANSFORuM Recommendations

The essence of the TRANSFORuM Recommendations