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The new European Urban Mobility Framework has been launched!


On 14 December, the European Commission launched a new Urban Mobility Framework as part of the wider “Efficient and Green Mobility Package”. The new initiative aims to make urban mobility sustainable, smart, and healthy.

The new framework announces a more ambitious approach to sustainable urban mobility planning (SUMPs) and related indicators. With a revision of the TEN-T guidelines, it suggests that the largest 424 EU cities on the TEN-T network should adopt a sustainable urban mobility plan (SUMP) by 2025 and collect relevant data. The new framework also provides guidance for local action and offers cities a toolbox to build and implement stronger public transport networks, more attractive active mobility, efficient and zero-emission urban logistics, better management of mobility flows, better multimodal infrastructure, and more sustainable passenger transport-on-demand services. To develop this new framework, the European Commission launched an intensive consultation process during the summer of 2021, consisting of several workshops, the opportunity to submit position papers, and an online survey for citizens to contribute to the creation of the Urban Mobility Framework. Rupprecht Consult supported this consultation process in two phases, first by co-developing workshops and by summarising their results. Second, Rupprecht Consult developed and followed a clear methodology to analyse qualitatively and quantitatively the data received during the consultation process, which includes workshop reports, position papers, and survey answers. We then compiled the result of the analysis into a final report used by the Commission to finalise the new Urban Mobility Framework. For more information, you can access:

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New European Urban Mobility Framework