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TANGENT Second Webinar on Real-Time Traffic Modelling and Forecasting Tools


Real-Time Traffic Modelling and Forecasting Tools, the second Webinar in the TANGENT Webinar Series to take place in January this year.

Rupprecht Consult will host the second Webinar for TANGENT on the 31st of January this year. This Webinar aims to address the technical aspects of network and traffic management by looking into the corresponding tools and framework. This involves forecasting tools and data quality along with the framework for real-time traffic management. It includes both supply prediction and demand estimation and prediction. This Webinar is the first of the two technical Webinars within the TANGENT project and will present some key results from the project with further engagement opportunities via the TANGENT Forum.


The Webinar will have two key speakers:

- Ynte Vanderhoydonc (Senior Research at IDLab) from IMEC and

- Athina Tympakianaki (Senior Scientific Researcher) from AIMSUN


Webinar details:

Date: 31.01.2024

Time: 14:00 - 15:00 CET

Registration link:

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