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SWITCH Progress Meeting

The SWITCH progress meeting was held in our office in Cologne on December 1st and 2nd.Participants from Gdansk (Poland), Antwerp (Belgium), Vienna (Austria), Donastia/San Sebastian (Spain) and London Borough of Hounslow (UK) successfully presented first results from their behaviour change campaigns. RC is responsible for Follower Cities which would like to adapt the SWITCH approach to a local campaign. 11 cities have already drafted an implementation scenario for their cities which will be reviewed by our technical partners like Walk21, the European Cyclist’s Federation, and more. In a meeting break nearly all participants took advantage to test the new bike sharing system in Cologne. Not even the bad weather could stop the group.And a big compliment to Steven Windey (red circled) who cycled to the progress meeting! His starting point was his hometown Antwerp. Nearly 250 km for one way. Congratulation Steven! That is a real commitment and shows that not only short car trips can be replaced!

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