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SWITCH online course open to the public

The SWITCH online course has been made open to the public on Rupprecht Consult’s learning platform <link http: switch> The course is among the key outputs of the <link nc projects projects-details project switch.html>SWITCH project, which supports cities that wish to organise and run campaigns that encourage citizens to “switch” short urban trips from their car to active modes of travel such as walking and cycling. The SWITCH methodology is based on four key elements: -          Personalised Travel Planning, that is, individually tailored support for individual people through information, advice, recommendations for cycling routes etc.-          Positive and personalised health arguments to highlight the direct and concrete benefits one can gain from active transport.-          Use of ICT tools that can monitor, reward and remind people of active mobility routines; this is intended to deepen new forms of mobility to lasting habits.-          A focus on people in a so-called life change moment (e.g. when they change job, start a new school etc.) During these moments people have to rethink their mobility routines anyway. As leader of the “work package 2” within the SWITCH project, Rupprecht Consult was in charge of all kinds of activities around take-up, training and learning. As such, we led the development of an online course, originally as support tool for the 25 “follower cities” of the SWITCH project. This resource has now been opened up to the wider public and we invite all cities to make use of this course which is structured along the main phases of a SWITCH campaign: -          Recruitment phase-          Contact phase-          Assessing your participants’ situation (baseline survey)-          Segmentation phase-          Motivation phase-          Advice phase-          After-engagement evaluation The course is free of charge and will not require any registration procedures. Just to <link http: switch> and start learning!One representative from a SWITCH follower city, who used the course previously wrote about it: “The on-line course and the template was a very helpful thought process for me to assess ways of working efficiently with limited time.“ We also developed the SWITCH “Campaign Guide”, a 92 page comprehensive document with all kinds of practical advice about how to organise, run and evaluate a SWITCH campaign. This guide will be released during the final <link http: c66g>SWITCH conference in Bremen on 14 April 2016.

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