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SUNRISE releases recommendations across five key topic areas


To strengthen the capacity of SUNRISE neighbourhoods to develop their measures, a series of workshops were held over the course of three years for city partners and technical partners to discuss their experiences and ideas along five key topic areas.

The topic areas are called thematic clusters and specifically focus on the following aspects:• Mobility and accessibility for all, led by urbanista• Active modes, led by Rupprecht Consult• Innovative solutions to urban logistics, led by Zaragoza Logistics Centre• Use and design of public road space, including parking (public spaces), led by Koucky & Partners• Shared mobility, led by the City of BremenThe clusters proved to be a useful format for the city partners to learn from one another – what approaches went well, what challenges arose, and how they could be addressed.A newly released report summarises the lessons learned and recommendations emerging from the workshops held for each of these thematic clusters, for the benefit of other cities across Europe and beyond. It aims to provide some useful advice on the respective topics, focusing on the opportunities that practitioners can take advantage of specifically when co-creating urban mobility solutions at the neighbourhood or urban district level. They are therefore intended for anyone active at the neighbourhood level—citizens, local councils, civil society actors, and community organisations.Download the full report <link http: uploads tx_rupprecht sun_d2.3_participation-action-plans.pdf external-link-new-window external link in new>here.

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[1] SUNRISE D3.2 Package of Recommendations from five clusters

SUNRISE Package of recommendations cover
SUNRISE Package of recommendations cover