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SUNRISE presented at H2020RTR21


Essential results of the SUNRISE project (2017-2021) were presented by Ralf Brand at the H2020RTR21 conference in Brussels. These findings contain important conclusions (and manage expectations) for working at the neighbourhood level in a co-creative way towards tangible improvements of people's mobility situation.

On 29 and 30 of March 2022, the European Commission brought together key representatives (mostly coordinators) of the latest “road transport research” (RTR) Horizon 2020 projects under the slogan #H2020RTR21. The conference was originally supposed to take place in 2021 but had to be delayed due to COVID until just now.

Rupprecht Consult was represented by Dr. Ralf Brand, the coordinator of the SUNRISE project, which ended in July 2021 after more than four years of intensive co-creation activities at the neighbourhood level in the six action cities Southend-on-Sea, Malmö, Bremen, Budapest, Thessaloniki and Jerusalem.

His presentation was part of a session on 30 March with the title “Sharing the space and the service: new mobility patterns”. The other projects featured in this session were HANDSHAKE, SPROUT, MORE and HARMONY. All presentations will soon be made available online; the SUNRISE presentation can also be shared on an individual basis. In case of interest please contact

The conference was a pleasant opportunity for exchange after two years of COVID-related abstinence from most face-to-face encounters.

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