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SUMP Challenge Training Workshop held in Gent

From 2nd to 3rd July, urban transport professionals from 27 European cities gathered in Gent to discuss how to enhance participation processes in the development of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP).The workshop was hosted by the City of Gent, one of the most advanced cities in stakeholder involvement and citizen participation. Gent is a partner city in the EU-co-financed project CH4LLENGE, which offers project partner cities and follower cities four in-depth training workshops, each dedicated to one SUMP challenge. This first workshop took a closer look at participation concepts and methods in the SUMP process.With support of the workshop organizer POLIS (Ivo Cré) participants reflected on the status of their SUMP processes and talked about main barriers to progress in SUMP. They shared experiences of different participation approaches tested in their cities. Rupprecht Consult as the coordinator of CH4LLENGE presented the concept for the involvement of follower cities (Miriam Lindenau) and gave an overview about results of previous EU projects and strategies on how to integrate stakeholders and the public into complex urban transport planning processes (Dr.-Ing. Susanne Böhler-Baedeker). Dr. Kerstin Burggraf from the city of Dresden showed very practical solutions from the Dresden SUMP planning process how to integrate stakeholders most efficiently by a round table model.After a presentation about the impressive participation concept of Gent St. Pieter intermodal train station and a site visit of the redevelopment project, participants shared their visions how participation will have developed in 2020 in their cities.CH4LLENGE is supporting the participating cities for the next three years to overcome their local barriers of SUMP take-up. Based on a self-assessment and the knowledge transfer between cities and the SUMP-expert team (Institute for Transport Studies University Leeds, FGM-AMOR Forschungsgesellschaft Graz, the Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia and Rupprecht Consult) tailor-made road maps will be developed.

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Participants identified strength and weaknesses of their transport planning processes with the help of the SUMP cycle