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Successful start of requirements workshops with Strategie E pilot users

Together with ebusplan, Rupprecht Consult develops a planning software for public transport operators and companies that is aimed to support them in the introduction of electric buses into their fleets. Central to the further development of the planning software, is to match as closely as possible the needs of users in the transport companies. For this purpose, a series of workshops was held with the pilot users Kölner-Verkehrsbetriebe AG, Stadtwerke Oberhausen AG and WestVerkehr GmbH on the software requirements. The aim was to query the central needs of the transport companies for such planning software and to adapt further product development to the requirements of the users in the best possible way. At the three initial workshops in Cologne, Oberhausen and Geilenkirchen in February, the general situation in the respective transport company was first of all surveyed and existing plans for the use and procurement of electric buses or information on the operation of existing electric buses was obtained. The planning software, including the central functions and possibilities, was then presented by Ebusplan. The main focus of the workshops was to discuss how, from the point of view of potential users, the planning software can be integrated most easily into the work process, what expectations are placed on the software and its main functions, and how results should be presented. Central statements of the users were collected by means of a canvas method and priorities to individual, central elements were determined by means of a point system. In particular, the transport companies named the construction and planning of charging infrastructure as central problems in the planning of electric bus fleets, as well as the estimation of the effects on operating costs.The next steps will now be to develop a first functional model and prototype of the software.

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