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SINTRAS – your input is appreciated


Stakeholder survey on barriers to a single and innovative European transport system

The European Commission has tasked a consortium, led by the Joint Institute for Innovation Policy (JIIP) and including Technology Partners Foundation and Rupprecht Consult to carry out a study to:
  • identify the barriers which still impede the use of innovation and new technology to build a truly optimised single European transport system;
  • propose actions which could help to tackle these barriers and thus accelerate progress towards such an optimised system.
 Therefore, it is of utmost importance to collect the most recent views and opinions of all groups of transport stakeholders throughout Europe. This will help to improve the evidence base on which future innovation policy to strengthen the single European transport area can be developed in a way that takes the views of all relevant stakeholders systematically into account. For this purpose we kindly invite anyone with an interest in the future of transport to fill in an online survey and thereby to contribute to the evidence base for the SINTRAS project. The survey can be found at <link http: survey index.php index sid newtest y lang en> 

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