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Siegfried Rupprecht received the CIVITAS Lifetime Award of the European Commission


During a surprise ceremony at the closing plenary of the CIVITAS Forum conference 2019 in Graz on 4 October 2019, the award was presented by Marcel Rommerts, head of transport research at INEA, the EU’s Innovation and Networks Executive Agency, and by Herald Ruijters, director at the Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport of the European Commission.

Marcel Rommerts honoured Siegfried’s continued influence in the development of the CIVITAS initiative, his involvement in many demonstration and support projects and his contributions to the concept for Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP). The CIVITAS Lifetime Award is a unique award presented to acknowledge the strong contribution to the development and evolvement of the CIVITAS Initiative and for transforming cities in the CIVITAS spirit. It was also awarded to:Zdenka Šimonovič, Municipality of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Prof Peter Jones, University College London, U.K.
Lidija Pavić Rogošić, ODRAZ, Croatia
Michael Glotz-Richter, City of Bremen, Germany
Sándor Nagy, Municipality of Szeged, Hungary
Karen Vancluysen, Polis Network, Belgium
Karl Reiter, FGM-AMOR, Austria
Lucia Cristea, European Integrated Projects, Romania
Laurie Pickup, VECTOS, U.K. As a special surprise, also Marcel Rommerts received the award from Director Ruijters for his key role in initiating and supporting CIVITAS.

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