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Shaping the Future of Sustainable Urban Logistics in Europe


Rupprecht Consult is honored to have been a part of the ULaaDS - Urban Logistics as an on-Demand Service project, contributing to the future of sustainable urban logistics in Europe!

We are excited to announce our contribution to the successful conclusion of the ULaaDs (Urban Logistics as an on-Demand Service) project, playing a pivotal role in transforming urban logistics across Europe!


ULaaDS aimed to revolutionize urban logistics by implementing innovative shared, and zero-emission solutions to meet the challenges presented by the on-demand economy. This project aligns with the EU's goal of achieving zero-emission city logistics by 2030.


At Rupprecht Consult, we have been integral in crafting one of the ULaaDS Guides, titled 'Guidelines, methods & Policy Recommendations to integrate ULaaDS in SUMP and SULP processes.' This comprehensive guide explores essential aspects such as driving factors, obstacles, and key elements crucial for successfully implementing urban logistics pilot programs and trials, drawing insights from the experiences gained during the ULaaDS trials.


To culminate the project, we had the privilege of presenting the outcomes of our ULaaDS Guide at the final event held in Barcelona, bringing together urban logistics experts and enthusiasts from across Europe. The event served as a platform for exchanging knowledge and insights derived from ULaaDS city trials and other EU-funded projects.


Delve into our latest ULaaDS deliverable, 'Guidelines, methods & policy recommendations to integrate ULaaDS in SUMP and SULP processes,' accessible here:


Let's continue to drive sustainable change in urban logistics together!

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