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SHAPE-IT project releases its Guidelines for Policy-Makers


The guidelines set forth ten recommendations for planning, developing and implementing successful policies which can help to shape mobility patterns towards sustainability.

Why are sustainable transport policies successful in one place but not in another? This is the question that the SHAPE-IT project has been working to answer for the past year. On October 10th, Miriam Lindenau and Kristin Tovaas completed the final SHAPE-IT Guidelines for Policy-Makers. Using examples of good practise from cities across Europe, the guidelines emphasise the importance of ensuring effective policy integration, policy processes and participation in sustainable urban mobility planning. Two case studies have also been submitted as a supplement to the guidelines: one which concentrates on policy integration, and one which focuses on policy processes and participation. Each case study provides in-depth analyses of the factors which contributed to the success of sustainable transport policies in European cities, in particular the five project cities: Munich (Germany), Krakow (Poland), Utrecht (the Netherlands), Stockholm and Lund (Sweden). The SHAPE-IT project (2013-14) was designed to contribute to a better understanding of the key success factors for sustainable transport policies to effectively influence travel behaviour in European cities. The SHAPE-IT analysis focuses on local authorities’ approaches to their policy making process, specifically in which ways and to what extent there is collaboration between:
  • Decision makers and transport planners across various scales
  • Decision makers, transport planners and stakeholders (e.g. citizens and the private sector)
  • The policy itself and other related policies and frameworks at various scales (e.g. regional, country and EU levels)

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