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Rupprecht Runners finish strong in Cologne Business Run


On 13 August the Rupprecht Runners completed their 2nd HRS Business Run

Gabi, Hana, Henning, Miriam, Tim, and Wolfgang joined over 20,000 motivated runners from firms in the Cologne area to partake in the Cologne Business Run. Despite temperatures of 35 degrees C, the team bounded swiftly over the 5.4 km course and finished strong. Tim finished first in the team (24:21), followed by Hana (24:31), Henning (25:26), Wolfgang (27:34), and with Gabi and Miriam crossing the finish line together (37:40). The times of three runners were added to rank the teams. The Rupprecht Runners placed 25th and 1148th out of 2258 teams. Congratulations to all! With a 100% increase in team membership from the previous year, the Rupprecht Runners are now looking ahead to their next race and to even more colleagues joining in the fun.
Before and after the run