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Rupprecht Consult's contribution to climate protection


Eco-friendly travel by rail instead of car and plane helps to reduce emissions, especially when the train is powered by "green electricity".

According to Deutsche Bahn statistics, Rupprecht Consult travelled 13031 km by rail between April and September 2013, and this figure does not include rail travel not booked via Deutsche Bahn, such as Thalys trips to Brussels or Paris. Since April 2013, Deutsche Bahn assures its Bahncard customers that the power supply used for their travel is completely environmentally friendly "green electricity". The 13031 km translate into 2,112.053 kg of CO and 7.608 kg NOx saving when compared to travel by car. In general, it is the policy of Rupprecht Consult to reduce travel emissions whenever poosible, e.g. by organising regular telephone conferences instead of all too frequent face-to-face meetings.